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Real ID

Starting Oct. 1st 2021, TSA will not accept standard Minnesota drivers licenses, instruction permits, and ID cards for flying within the United States. The minimum requirement to fly domestically is upgrading to the Real ID. In order to upgrade your license, instruction permit, or ID card to the Real ID there are different forms of other ID you have to bring into our Litchfield location. Please click on the link below to see the forms of ID you will need.

Real ID Driver's License and Indentification Card Requirements

Please read the article carefully and thoroughly. We also suggest to call ahead to ensure you have the correct forms of ID before coming in.

  • If you already have an Enhanced drivers license, instruction permit, or ID card you do not need the Real ID. Enhanced DLs, IDs, & IPs are compatible to fly within the United States.
  • If you have a passport or passport card, and do not mind taking that with you every time you fly within the United States. You do not need to upgrade your license, ID card, or IP.


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